Dear friends,

Are you annoyed with the ever growing electricity bills you are paying and finding it difficult to save your hard earned money?
Do you want to make your own solar panels?
Do you want to save thousands off the cost of solar panels?

Then you are in the right page. Spend Just ten minutes to discover how to make a solar panel in much lesser cost than you have ever imagined.

Hi, my name is Bishop Farris and I have always had an interest in solar panels; but the cost of its implantation prevented me to get it in the first place. But one fine day, when I went to visit one of my old good friends at his place, I discovered that he has made his own solar panel at his own home and he told me that it cost him less than $100.

I just could not believe on my ears; but when he showed me how he had done it, I got amazed. Instantly I required knowing how he did it. Trust me it is so simple that I build my own and then I decided to guide all my fellow beings to build their own solar panels to get rid of the exorbitant electricity bills.

Generates over 12x the power of regular solar panels
Occupies lesser space
Starts generating electricity for less than $100 in material cost
Lowers your electricity bills or even kiss it good bye
Gives you the freedom from being a do-it-yourself genius
Does not need a shop full of expensive tools


Creating your own solar panels is one of the smartest things to do in this modern age. While you can save your hard earned money, then it is the right thing to do. It was with this thought that I decided to make it a simple step-by-step guide so that anyone with zero technical experience could do it.

This smart step-by-step system is a new method on the old technology. Long researches have been made for perfecting a simple yet efficient design that can be used by everybody. This system harnesses the power of the sun and produces free and clear renewable energy.

Unlike the conventional solar panels it

Takes much little space
Is cheaper and easier to build
Has no cost to operate
Is superior amongst regular solar systems
Makes you independent

Solar Stirling Panel is such an amazing plant which keeps working in all weather conditions; whether it is too hot or it is cloudy.
It is totally eco-friendly as it does not pollute the environment and it runs quietly.
It reduces your electricity bill up to 50% on a small scale but on a large scale it can completely eliminate the bill.
There is no need to use any special tool and that’s why it can be easily made in less than $100.
It can be easily built up by any person with zero technical knowledge.

It is so wonderful and fruitful that I want to make it available to all those who need it and that is why its price is only $49.

And if you’re still sceptical on whether this will work or not, don’t worry. You have my:

So friends, slash your shocking electricity bills and get ready to enjoy your life with this money saving method from today onwards.